Testing imperative in the fight against HIV / AIDS epidemic in the U go to this link.

Testing ' imperative' in the fight against HIV / AIDS epidemic in the U.S go to this link www.milnacipran.org ., says Editorial The AIDS epidemic is spreading faster than previously thought, as well as the American public rejects concern about it, a New York Times and adds, the dangerous disconnect underscores the urgency of a new campaign announced by the Obama administration, complacency about the disease and its potential to fight the beat unwary. According to the editorial, complacency about HIV / AIDS in the U.S. is the belief that AIDS is primarily a problem in Africa, or a feeling that AIDS reflect become treatable, so why worry infection. - Mere awareness is not enough to contain the epidemic, the editorial, adding added: More than a million with the virus with the virus in the country, and 20 percent of them do not know your. Ignorance endangers their own health and increases the risk that they will spread the virus to others. According to the editorial, it is imperative that the testing for the virus routine among all those will be in danger. J that the Bush administration achieved considerable success in increasing U.S. Support for the fight against AIDS overseas. The editorial concludes that President Obama should improve on that heritage abroad and simultaneously shrinks the size of national epidemic (New York Times.

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