The AACR host A Media Roundtable Molecular Diagnostics: leading of of Philadelphia.

As part the Third International Conference on Molecular Diagnostics in Cancer Therapeutic Development, the AACR host A Media Roundtable 'Molecular Diagnostics: leading of of Philadelphia, 'three prominent area researchers.

- Know Your Medicine: But sharply scaled back the frequency and severity of errors by following these simple tips from the American Pharmacists Association are reduced. Know the names of the medications you take what. The product as to why it seems take, and how the product might make you feel Before taking your medicine, check the label and contents. If your medication look different or make you feel different to your pharmacist.Receive intensive Instruction and Education in microbiology automating. Courses and classes can be the Clarion Hotel Manhattan and at the Call Hall and the College of Veterinary Medicine complex situated on the C - State campus.. Commercial systems methods to detect microorganisms in food: K-State Go to the host workshop.

Fast method and automating is a dynamic area where applied microbiology treatment the study of improved techniques during isolation, detection, Characterisation and count microorganisms and their products for clinical, food, industrial and environmental protection specimen. That K-State workshop focusing on the practical application on conventional and new commercial systems, rapid identification of microorganisms in medicinal samples, food, water and environment.

The award-winning workshop directed of K-State Daniel YC Fung, is an internationally famous authority in the area , and a professor of Animal Science and industrial and Food Science. It as a class as a class worth two diploma credits by K. - State Department of Animal Sciences and industrialized and K. - State Food Sciences Institute. Source: Daniel Y.