The AP / Boston Globe reports.

A report released Thursday by the United Nations Development Fund for Women said that ensure Enhancing the accountability of the government, which are necessary to the existing to fulfill obligations to the widespread discrimination women quit, the AP / Boston Globe reports. Report titled report entitled 'Progress of the World Women's 2008/2009', points to five areas that need 'enhanced accountability to women ', including access to public services such as health care.

The report release comes a week before the ministerial meeting of the UN General Assembly, a special session on the UN Millennium Development Goals, the improvement of maternal health, the elimination of extreme poverty, Include achieving universal primary education and promoting gender include is 2015 (Lederer, AP / Boston Globe.- A significant increase in of 6.3 ml the average of size of the left ventricle at the end of contraction, and - one decrease of 6.8 % in the ejection fraction, or the set pumping disposable blood from the left ventricle.