The data shown above includes some imputed data.

The data shown above includes some imputed data. If necessary, the in accordance with the in line with the revisions protocol below. Revisions.

The tables include an element of estimation and includes all income and changes of Primary Care Trusts and NHS Trusts receive to 24 August 2005. Hospital and Commissioner based lists - There are fundamental differences in coverage between commissioner based and hospital-based information. Commissioner based returns include all patients. Outside England and all privately funded patients waiting for treatment in NHS hospitals But they do include NHS funded patients living in England who are waiting for treatment in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, abroad, and in private hospitals, the patients are not based in the relevant hospital included income.Part of the Afghanistan mission, U.S. Military hospital are often treat local Afghan forces and non-combatants that are hurt in combat. Caution should other for other civilian as space and resources.