The M5 Project encourages males to take five key preventive measures to improve their health.

The M5 Project encourages males to take five key preventive measures to improve their health.1 share your family history with your GP 2 Do you smoke to your healthy weight loss 3 Check your blood pressure 4 quitting - it's the only healthy alternative 5 Maintain a healthy mind and a healthy. Body. Mitchell said that with Men's Health Week occurring next week , it 's time to remind people that small changes in their lifestyle can make great improvements in their health and benefits not just for their loved ones themselves, but for their loved ones. - Add 'With research shows that men often eat foods high in fat , practice less after the age of 35 years , drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, illegal drugs and not to experience emotional stress, is men's health issues do not disappear in the foreseeable future.

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