The most important result of the study by Leigh.

The most important result of the study by Leigh, that the pool of people have job-related considerably larger than considerably larger than previously assumed estimates 12 % of all 12 % of all coronary heart disease can be attributed deaths occupation If this estimate is applied to seniors., there 2.1 million people 2.1 million people in the United States with job hypertension.

Leigh hopes that this study will contribute to job history on par with lifestyle factors when doctors hypertension weigh risks with their. Even among the obese, we found that the occupation correlated with hypertension, Leigh said, we do not want to downplay the importance of lifestyle issues and health. Recommend lifestyle changes and prescribing medication, physicians could advocate for an amendment to improve the working conditions for these jobs in the society to health consequences for workers. .The study was carried out from October 2007 to February 2008 at Durham Regional Hospital. Education educational material has been distributed on new mothers, and one flu vaccine clinic to simplify to vaccinations for other family members to the time of birth of a newborn child.

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