The NASH-related liver fibrosis see more.

The results showed that the hedgehog signaling pathway has been activated and NKT cells accumulated excessively developed in the livers from wild-type mice, the NASH-related liver fibrosis see more more info . Hh pathway activation leads to hepatic enrichment with NKT cells fibrosis progression fibrosis progression in NASH, concluded Dr. Our study proves that activation of liver NKT cells generates soluble factors fibrogenesis via a mechanism involving myofibroblastic activation of hepatic stellate cells promote. Since these results are novel immune-mediated mechanisms, contribute contribute to fibrosis progression in NASH, The findings have potential clinical implications for one of the most common types of chronic liver damage.

Memorial Sloan - Kettering Breast Cancer Medicine team, under the leadership of Dr. Has successfully translated preclinical work into meaningful clinical treatment in past studies, and will lead this Phase I / II study.

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