The philanthropic affiliate of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida click to follow.

To datee foundation of a healthy Florida receives grant from the National / Regional Nursing lack ofThe Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, the philanthropic affiliate of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida , has announced that it selected as a was of 10 foundations nationwide click to follow click here . Funding partner to invest in the future of nursing, a unique national initiative to meet the long to meet the long-term shortage of available nurses in the country To date, this is the first Florida organization by investing partner in the future of nursing were financed.

With Partners invest in the future of nursing initiative directors can be hoping that local and regional foundations to create a domino effect - where innovative ideas are tested locally and nationally shared with an exponential effect on the labor shortage. To develop solutions and lead efforts within Florida, The Blue Foundation has adopted a two-year grant of $ 250 its fourth year use of simulation technology in Florida nursing education excellent. The grant from The Blue Foundation will be matched by funds from BCBSF.

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