The press conference as part of ESMO International Symposium on the breast tumors organized.

Catherine Le Gal s - Camus, WHO Assistant Director-General, Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative and the importance of prevention are given. The press conference will be introduced by ESMO President, Hakan Mellstedt, highlighting the areas of collaboration between ESMO and WHO.. The press conference as part of ESMO International Symposium on the breast tumors - organized , where a pool of international experts to present innovative research and state-of - the-art oncology for the treatment and cure of lung cancer and other rare breast tumors.

For more information, see###, for more information about ESMO please visitAbout ESMOThe European Society for Medical Oncology is the leading European non-profit, professional organization for medical oncology with focus on promoting the interdisciplinary treatment of cancer throughout the world.The hydrogen peroxide is easily soluble into the aqueous medium the dressing and can be easily the wound where it diffuse available Browse oxygen. Some of the hydrogen peroxide reacts also with iodide is within the dressing order Travel amount of iodine to generate. Iodine to for its antibacterial properties and helps create an environment that produce hostile to bacterial.. The biochemistry is triggered wounds which will be placed on top of leaf of glucose containing gel.

Clinical studies carried out in the year 2005 by Professor Gary Sibbald , was that long-term wounds spinout there more more shown visible improvement of in just four weeks. More studies in Britain in 2006 found that two -thirds of the poorly healing wounds significantly improved after six weeks.