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In both studies there was a statistically significant measured dose-dependent increase in retinal thickness of photoreceptor layers as determined by optical coherence tomography . These statistically significant recently completed Phase observed in a recently completed Phase 2 NT-501 study in patients with geographic atrophy 26th with dry age-related macular degeneration , the results of the Neurotech March 2009 were reported together. This effect, which could be by the Company of neuroprotective.

ECT thereby enables the controlled, continuous delivery of therapeutic factors directly to the retina, bypassing the blood-retinal barrier.. About Encapsulated Cell TechnologyNeurotech 's core technology platform, Cell Technology , a unique for for the long-term, sustained delivery of therapeutic factors to the back of the eye Encapsulated. ECT implants consist of cells that have been genetically modified to produce a specific therapeutic protein, and encapsulated in a semi-permeable hollow fiber membrane.'We know from other research that mobility for the elderly quality of life, independence of, maintenance of healthy muscle mass, all these things. Need to need to regard this and say, which the effect of the mobility in the hospital attached to being overall good health of elderly people when them leave the hospital - they recuperate and better do, or to land in downward spiral that leads to the is increased rehospitalisation the move monitors us potentially do potentially, We rejoice in the opportunity to answering these questions and enthusiastically a positive difference in people's lives.

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