The swine flu is a respiratory disease and has some elements of a virus found in pigs

The swine flu is a respiratory disease and has some elements of a virus found in pigs. Swine flu has now been confirmed in a number of countries, diabetes is aspreading from human to human a pandemic known as a pandemic flu outbreak .

Access to imaging may be life saving. As Mladen Poluta, Although Healthcare Technology Management Program at the University of Cape Town, said: 'HIV-positive patients have an increased risk of infection tuberculosis who are diagnosed quickly with a chest x-ray also require prophylactic TB treatment radiographs. Breast associated Given the burden of disease of TB and HIV, in particular, cost effective and sustainable imaging solutions at the primary level of health care. Using remote diagnosis as a value-added extension - will lead to delivered significant gains in the quality of care, thanks earlier diagnosis and initiation of treatment. '.

- Radiology responses utilizing RECIST in patients with measurable disease showed an overall response of 8 per cent and 54 per cent disease Control and installment . The comparison, in Geneva Switzerland literature published complete response rates of 8 to 12 % in patients treatment with a alone alone. - This data indicate that picoplatin be administered safely with full dosage docetaxel. Neutropenia been the main hematologic toxicity. Thrombocytopenia administered to less strongly and less frequently with a picoplatin combined with docetaxel compared to picoplatin administered alone.

University of Washington social scientist pursuing first and the second grade over seven years and thought that anti-social behavior among girls and fear both sexes forecast depression early adolescence. Surprisingly, early symptoms of depression not be predictive of adolescent depression. Have 'anti-social behavior been a huge problem a big problem for boys , so it tend ignoring the girls , boys to go with early anti-social behavior generally, of more anti-social behavior show , while the girls may inward. With symptoms, morphing to other psychological problems including depression eating disorders, anxiety and suicidal behavior in adolescents, 'said James matzah, with which professor of educational psychology and head writer the new study. Him currently serves as a past president of the American Association Suicidology. - 'When all the risk factor were investigated, anti-social behavior the predictive predictive of the later depression There is simply be that they are more likely early in the primary school as the depression. 'It pointed out to depression or anxiety shares a number of symptoms.