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Median and one - year survival rate of the total population in the BR.21 study, compared to 42.7 4.7 months) and 45 % , and patients receiving Tarceva for treated an average of slightly more than four months in the study . Certain subsets of patients, including never smokers and patients who had tumors destined to be EGFR positive, we saw a large survival benefit in response to treatment with Tarceva have. The subgroup of patients, The subgroupr smoked a significant survival benefit with a hazard ratio of 0.42 1 indicates a survival benefit).

CONTACT: OSI Pharmaceuticals, Investor & Public Relations: Kathy Galante, 631-962-2000 or Burns McClellan Media: Kathy Nugent, 212-213-0006 or Investors: John Nugent, 212-213 - 0006 SOURCE: OSI Pharmaceuticals.Order to better understanding ARD1A effects for VEGFA term and on tumor, Goo Taeg Oh, Division of Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ewha women's University in Seoul, and his colleagues are injecting mouse in that overexpressing Mardia to human gastric cancer and mouse melanoma cells. Then measure growth of tumors, metastasis, and VEGFA expression.