The team of WEHI-based and international partners include Alan Cowman.

###The team of WEHI-based and international partners include Alan Cowman, Alex Maier, Melanie Rug, Matthew O'Neill, Monica Brown, Srabasti Chakravorty, Tadge Szestak, Joanne Chesson, Yang Wu, Katie Hughes, Ross Coppel, Chris Newbold, James Beeson, Alister Craig and Brendan Crabb.

Identify and disrupt the Key Elements Of Malaria 'Sticky Sack' Adhesion StrategyMalaria is one of the most devastating diseases humanity is suffering. It infects and weakens around 600 million people and kills up to three million people each year, mainly in the humid tropical regions of the world. Children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable.Work, funded by the National Institutes of Health, is to the developing advanced sensors for detecting minute quantities of viruses, bacteria and other contaminates at air and fluids due to the coating any cantilever having proteins, including antibodies that to contaminants intended attracting. Given that certain above application in fields such as environmental health monitor at hospitals and homeland security So-called 'lab-on-a-chip 'technologies could make it possible to replace bulky the laboratory units with a miniature sensors , saving time, power and materials.