The treatment beginning in 1992 and received follow-up for 15 consecutive years

Swislocki and his colleagues have studied the VA medical records of 191 veterans with type 2 diabetes, the treatment beginning in 1992 and received follow-up for 15 consecutive years . Of these patients, 96 began treatment with oral medication alone. Researchers found found that 55 % of patients , the treatment with oral antidiabetic agents began to continue with them 15 years later and a good blood glucose control were a measure of long-term blood sugar control - nearly 8 % nearly 8 %. HbA1c about 7 % improved 15 years later in this group. - of the 96 patients However, the finally, insulin, either alone or in combination with oral medications. At baseline, the similar similar between these patients and those who remained on an oral medication. However, the group of patients who remained on oral medications during the study had a low beginning A1c and less obese than patients in the other group, the authors report. They were also more likely to to be white. Previous studies show minorities have poorer glycemic control than whites.

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