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Commentary on World AIDS Day and AHF 'One Million Tests campaign Free HIV tests in 72 countries around the world - can AHF media contacts listed below Contact opinions on various opinions on various global 'One Million tests world AIDS Day 2008 'campaign events.

The goal: a worldwide commitment to a total of one million free HIV testing during an extended World AIDS Day week offer of 26 November to 1 December World AIDS Day. Groups and others Worldwide Media availability - World AIDS Day.. AIDS Day: Successful Global HIV Testing Campaign To 1M people testing Marches OnTest as part of the global World AIDS Day efforts to one million people for HIV, AIDS Healthcare Foundation , the largest AIDS group in the U.S., which currently provides medical care and services in 22 countries worldwide in the U.S., Latin America / Caribbean and Asia , was spearheaded the One Million tests campaign.The volunteer into three different positions in three different positions:.

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