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The drugs given to cure infections not only in diseased animals, but also to prevent infection and to promote faster growth in healthy animals. The antibiotics then find their way through waste water from homes and pastures in the water systems and contaminate streams and groundwater.. They produce themselves and the means to overcome, antibiotic molecules antibiotic molecules with electricity.

In addition, prescription drugs are not the only source set of antibiotics in the environment 'selective pressure 'on bacteria.Antibiotics in food and water. In the U.S., for example, what is routine antibiotics to animals in large, concentrated farms that breed cattle, pigs and poultry for human consumption.

For this reason, the European Union and other developed countries, feed antibiotics banned in animals, and recently started the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urging the farmers to limit their use of antibiotics. In fact, after years of deliberation, it seems the FDA may be willing tightest narrowest guidelines still on the use of antibiotics in animals, with the intent to end the use of the medication simply to make animals grow faster.A study by of the gene therapy for the treatment of HIV shows that and and anything useful - a 'great step forward'in its efforts to to combat virus - researcher said in one study recently publishes at the journal Nature Medicine, AFP / reports. According to researchers, the trial - the this gene therapy in the HIV research route be a valid batch - Which led through Ronald Mitsuyasu the the University of California - Of Los Angeles.

About 30 percent of patients with metastatic breast cancer are HER2-positive. Said: said: Do you have the study ABRAXANE in untreated patients metastatic breast cancer, has a weekly doses and combination with Herceptin in in HER2-positive patient. Jeffrey Scott, president and national medical the manager of the ION, said, ABRAXANE was superiority to Taxol in terms of response rate, time was up to tumor progression and survival of any combination for ABRAXANE to Herceptin in absence of steroid. Is a significant addition is an important addition for the skills that oncologists to use breast breast cancer.