They suggest the researchers said follow this link.

They suggest the researchers said. Emergencies were triggered by emotional stress related to football matches for the national team follow this link . Ask more studies, as sporting events stress stress, and could judge for analyzing studies which reduces the effectiveness of treatments, the stress excess risk of cardiovascular events.

- others not identify your results or to control for potential triggers as stress, such as lack of sleep, heavy eating, drinking, smoking, or disobey any medication on the day of the game correspond It is possible that these factors in some way shown in the results of this study, contributed.

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Over 460 were male and 60 women with HIV / AIDS are registered on the site, and created profile from last year. According to Reuters, several users of a site partners they satisfied through the web site has married to. The site also numbers by hotline and addresses of by non-governmental organizations , which offers support of for people with HIV / AIDS , reports the Reuters news agency. - had In the website launch is no 'mainstream Indian conjugal 'Web sites are provided solely for people with HIV / AIDS, said Valiv. 'In India it is is highly difficult to find a life partner to an HIV-positive individual, 'Valiv adds that Internet 'ensures the necessary anonymity in order to people who wish to register without revealing their real name of. 'His added that then the website might help mail which spread of HIV and marriages in which the parent 'deliberately wed sons of an HIV infection among healthy women, which are in turn infected. '.