This showed that luteolin is not protecting the neurons directly.

- 'When we provided the old mice luteolin in the diet it reduced inflammation in the brain and at the same time restored working memory to what is seen in young cohorts,'Johnson said.. 'This showed that luteolin is not protecting the neurons directly,'he said. 'It does it by affecting the microglial cells. 'The researchers next turned their attention to the effects of luteolin on the brains and behavior of adult and aged mice. The mice a control a control diet or a luteolin - supplemented diet for 4 weeks. The researchers assessed their spatial memory and measured levels of inflammatory markers in the hippocampus, a brain region that is important for memory and spatial awareness. Diet, butrmally aged mice have higher inflammatory molecules in the hippocampus and more impaired on memory tests than younger adult mice.

The baseline for Wan is: There is an explanation for why this diabetes drug causes bone loss, she said. Based on this knowledge, better drugs can are developed. .. Wan notes that the effects of the drug on osteoblasts through any other medium through any other medium appear. This new understanding of how PPARg action in various types of cells, the development of improved diabetic drugs, such as selective PPARg modulators C insulin-sensitizing dampen the dampen the negative effects to facilitate bone loss, the researchers say.BMBF the quest for other tumor markersThe prospective validation this marker in the an independent patient group of , and looking for of the simplest and most reliable methods of analytical is the purpose of the project of the Federal Ministry of sponsored of Education and Research titled Molecular Diagnostics Reifenberger of which the university hospitals in of Bonn, sseldorf, rzburg and Heidelberg as well the DKFZ at Heidelberg that from Dr. Attend Stefan Pfister.

Stefan Pfister. 'the same time, we can not are that intensity of treatment for patients who have probably to react especially well on radiation therapy and chemotherapy. We can not thereby reduce consequential and a risk from secondary malignancies. '.. Stefan Pfister and his research group 'Molecular Genetics of Pediatrics Brain Tumors 'first described in that the new Tumormarkers in medulloblastoma in 2007. For the he examined tumor specimen from 340 patients and compared what is documented disease progression for genetic aberrations in the the tumor DNA.