What are the advantages of optical or conventional colonoscopy?

What happens during a CT Colonography?. What are the advantages of optical or conventional colonoscopy?Recommended by medical and cancer groups for colorectal cancer, radiology techniciannventional colonoscopy direct visualization of the entire colon for pre-cancerous growths, including smaller polyps, even below 1 cm visible. This test allows for the removal of suspicious polyps without surgery at the time of inspection. Three studies have shown that colonoscopy prevents about 80 % of colorectal cancers develop by pre-cancerous polyps. Traditional colonoscopy is one of the most powerful prevention tools in clinical medicine.

Colonoscopy or 'virtual colonoscopy 'has X X-ray test to look for polyps and cancer. First, a radiology technician inserts a tube into your rectum into your rectum and into the air in the intestine until it is fully extended. Then you will be asked to hold your breath, performed while lying on your back and a CT scan. Flip it over onto your stomach and you will hold your breath while a second CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis performed.Open-label Therapeutics is present data over potential pharmaceutical therapy for the improvement Social Impairment in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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