While rising waters in the south follow this web-site.

While rising waters in the south, said UN spokesman Maurizio Giuliano flood has starving millions, reports the Reuters news agency, leave. 'We can not speak about starvation nor but I think but I think we can talk about millions of people hungry, 'Giuliano said follow this web-site cicatab.com . 'I think pointed out millions of people who are hungry, and hunger is clearly a factor that significantly to vulnerability 'has, he added. According to the news service, the flood was 'what distribution by the rice belt in the southern province of Sindh, ''. Native largest city and commercial hub Karachi of Pakistan ''The floods have mainly affected rural areas and far smaller urban centers 'Until now .

Saleh Farooqui, director general of disaster management body in the southern province of Sindh, Most We have diverted our resources for rescue operations in the south. of Punjab province of Punjab province, waters decreased. , And people have started returning to their villages, the newspaper writes. Pakistani and international aid agencies estimate that millions of dollars are needed to to help about nine million people displaced by the flood. Most have lost everything and have start their lives from scratch, says the Wall Street Journal (Hussain.


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